Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's On The Menu...

Welcome to "Kate's Plate"! This is a place where I will come to write about what's on my "plate" as far as life as well as food! Incorporating the two to keep you updated on what's going on with me as well as passing on new things I learn about nutrition and food as I journey on this venture to becoming a Nutritionist:) Where should I begin?

As of January I picked up everything and moved to Tuscaloosa, AL to finish my degree at The University of Alabama. ((ROLL TIDE!))

Life in a new town where you know no one and nothing in the place is REFRESHING to say the least; however, it does suck trying to build from the bottom up everything from relationships, to familiarity, to a new church, to .... well everything. It takes time and a lot of effort all of which you have to try to do in the midst of a hellacious schedule. 

On the school side of things, I LOVE all of my classes, teachers, etc. I'm taking 6 classes this semester, 6 over summer and 8 in the fall. I know, it's pure insanity. I'll survive though. 

This will have to be all for now but there's much to come! I hope you all will enjoy my food findings and nutrition explorations as interesting and exciting as I do. Til next time...


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